Ork Scratch built Battlewagon!

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Ork Scratch built Battlewagon!

Post by Kheldar on Mon May 02, 2016 12:14 pm

I figured I can get us started off with some project threads!  Apparently WIP images are things people want to see, and since this forum came about because of a conversation about WIP images on my Battlewagon post on the FB group, I figured what better project log to post first than that battle wagon!

I picked up this dump truck from dollaramma for $3.  What caught my eye was the cab section, as it really looked like a tough kind of truck cab, and actually seemed to be about the same height, length and width as the Battlewagon:

I was still apprehensive, because I wasn't sure if i could convincingly convert this thing to look sufficiently "orky."  The cab section could be unscrewed, though, so I was able to tinker with it directly, which helped. I began by chopping the heck out of the cab.  Using plasticard, I etched out some armour plates, an armoured out-cropping and a reinforced windshield armour. So far, this looked like it'd be able to adequately resemble a Battlewagon.  The interior was also big enough to accommodate a boy driver!

Next, I removed the dumper from the truck to make room for what I intended: a pick up styled platform in the rear for Orks to jump off from!  I found some hard plastic dividers from one of those plastic trays, and cut them to make an extra cab section. This added some more bulk to the model so it looked more like a battle wagon and less like a trukk.  I removed the dumper entirely, planning on using the back as a troop carrier. Also, while the cab was off, I painted a driver and stuck him in there before re-attaching the cab to the truck chassis.  

I wanted a troop carrier that was a pick up style platform. Foam core, those plastic dividers, and some wire worked well! (that wire is actually BBQ mesh sheets that I picked up at Dollar Tree!)  I added some more plates and started adding exhaust pipes, too.

The wheels needed to be 'orkified' - so I took plasticard, cut it into small strips, and used a heatgun to bend them into shape.

For the purposes of a Kill Kannon, I wanted a talll turret - something that reminded me of the old 2nd Edition Ork vehicles from Epic or from the video game "Final Liberation". The housing for the turret can be removed entirely so that I can take this wagon as either the kill kannon (and capacity 12) or the sans-kannon (and capacity 20) versions.

Then, some more plates, corrugated armour sheets, sand into the wheels:

I had almost forgotten the all so important reinforced RAM!

Then, Rivets!!

Finally, some painting!  The first basecoats:

And, the finished product!

Thanks for looking!  Comments and feedback are welcomed and appreciated Smile

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Re: Ork Scratch built Battlewagon!

Post by Woodstock_Wargamer on Mon May 02, 2016 12:32 pm

This is a bloody brilliant job. Wish I could scratch build half this well. Also the absolute perfect way to kick off the forum! Thanks!

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